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A mechanical timepiece is as good as its after-sale care; any elaborate warranty is worthless if it is not backed by solid, bricks and mortar service facilities that stock all the necessary parts. Our stock includes sufficient spare parts to last at least 10 years right from the start of production. A two year warranty covers all manufacturing faults and material defects.

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Replacement band

You can order replacement rubber straps via the Bólido shop.

Sizing your caoutchouc strap
with folding buckle

Please follow the video instructions.

Use the calculator to determine the number of segments to be cut off on either side of the rubber strap ends. NB: when counting the segments include the first hole as shown in the drawing below.

You can tighten the fit with the attachment pin positioned inside the buckle. (The total adjustability equates to 1 segment)

If unsure, cut off the segments one by one and check the length.


Circumference of your wrist:

Segments to cut off
> top strap end:
> bottom strap end:

Please note: you can cut off more segments than recommended by the calculator if the band still feels too loose.
  • Use a measuring tape or a strip of paper to measure the circumference of your wrist.
  • Set the slider to the measured length in order to get the number of segments to cut off.
  • Detach folding buckle with a pin or safety pin.
  • Cut off segments as proposed by the calculator with a sharp cutting knife. Include the first hole when counting segments. Cut nearest to the new hole.
  • Push out the rods on both ends with a pin or small screwdriver.
  • Align the folding buckle as shown and re-attach with the spring bars.
  • The folding buckle allows additional fine adjustment of 3 or 6mm.