Points of sale

In spite of the convenience of shopping online, the casual physical strolling and browsing in the pedestrian zones of Europe’s old city centres is currently regaining its popularity. Hard-core digital kids succumb to the charms of discovering new products and ideas in small boutiques, as even the most elaborate websites cannot replace the sensation of touch and the personal advise of a competent salesperson – often the shop-owners themselves. After years of struggle, small fashion shops with unique individual items and collections, but also jewellery- and watch boutiques experience an actual renaissance. The keyword is individuality as opposed to the ever present sameness of mainstream brands and chains that occupy the prime spots along the uniform shopping avenues all over the world.

A new breed of enterprising storeowners emphasise this trend with selected individual items.

We are currently building an exclusive international network of professional resellers. This requires time and will happen gradually. Choosing the right partners is essential and being a niche brand, we prefer to work with equally small boutiques, goldsmiths, collectors watch seller, etc., that are preferrably run by their charismatic owners. Bólido resellers should share our compassion for architectural design and quality, whishing to attract young, trendy and urban consumers. In this quest, we are selective; let us know if you know somebody fitting to the description.

Until we are ready to publish a comprehensive dealers list, we take pleasure in randomly introducing on this page some exemplary Bólido retailers.

«Brunner Design – Jewelry and Watches» in Olten (Switzerland)

Entrepreneurs Jürg and Sandra Brunner, who carry Bólido watches in their collection since last fall have meanwhile become a leading Bólido retailer in Switzerland.


«Krösus», Rindermarkt 17 in Zurich

Seraina Sonderegger, who has recently taken over the boutique «Krösus» in Zurich’s old town is featuring the Bólido collection in her refurbished shop window.


Marc Lange in Alkmaar, Mient 12 (Netherland)

The award winning Designer Marc Lange presents Bólido in his exclusive range of his handmade Jewellery.


«Zoltan Gioielli», Via della Motta 11 in Locarno

Goldsmith Zoltan Ragasits also offers Bólido in his Atelier in Locarno’s old town.


«Uhren Brunner», Marktgasse 14 – 16 in Zofingen

Franziska & Heinz Heller also became a retailer and offer the Bólido Collection in their contemporary Bijouterie in Zofingen.