Initializing your Automatic watch

It is essential that you thoroughly hand-wind your watch with the crown, before wearing it for the first time; or after not having worn for it for a few days.
Don’t worry, you can not over-wind the mechanism.
Thereafter, your normal wrist-movements will will keep the spring under permanent tension, provided that you move regularly.

Setting the time

1. Pull crown out to pos. III.

2. Turn crown clockwise to set hour and minute hands. If necessary turn the crown over 12h/24h in order to know if you are in AM/PM mode.

3. Return crown to pos. I.


Setting the date (not available on models CORE)

1. Pull crown out to pos. II.

2. Turn crown clockwise to set date.

3. Return crown to pos. I.

Do not change the date between 10 pm and 2 am. This is when the movement is in position to carry out the automatic date change, any interference may cause dammage to the movement.

Adjusting the size of the MILANO Bracelet

To size the length of the MILANO steel bracelet to your wrist, you can adjust its buckle lengthwise. Use a suitable tool, e.g. a small screwdriver, a nail file or a (blunt) knife and open/close the inner clamp as shown in the video.

Bólido X LOG

The v-matic Loga features two rings with ruler like scales with divisions that become narrower with increasing number values. Starting from 1 (arrow) the scales correspond to the logarithm of the number values. The adding of two spaces results a multiplication, the substraction thereof is a division. Practically, all this is far easier, as show the following examples:

Multiplication: e.g. 2 x 4 = 8
Position the arrow of the outer ring on top of the «2» of the inner ring; read the result on the inner scale beneath the «4» of the outer ring: «8». (Photo 1)

Division: e.g. 8 : 2 = 4
Reverse the operation to the opposite: Place the «2» of the outer ring directly above the «8» of the inner ring and read the result beneath the arrow of the outer ring: «4». (Photo 2)
The divisions vary, depending on space; the number of strokes between the main numbers determine their values. Furthermore, the scales give only numbers out-put but no decimals. In other words, 1 can mean anything like 1; 10; 100; 1000 etc but also 0.1; 0.01; etc. The Calculator disk is very practical for conversions of any kind, such as miles : km, inches : mm, $ : Euro etc.
Once a rate is set, e.g. by placing the arrow of the outer ring on top of «81» (1 $ = .81 Euro), any $ amount on the outside ring can be converted into corresponding Euro on the inner ring, without further ring settings. (Photo 3)

Bólido X CD

Example: 30 min. countdown time. Set 30 min. on ring to minute hand. When minute hand reaches red arrow = end of countdown.

Bólido X GMT

Example: Set the time difference of the chosen timezone to 12 o’clock (ex. +9 hours on the pictures); you can now read the second timezone on the outer ring; Dualtime on pictures is 7:08 am.