The ultimate Gentleman’s Belt

The G&B belt was designed in 2002 by Pierre Nobs, the co-founder of Bólido. The object received the RedDot Winner Award, the GOOD DESIGN Award Japan and has been selected for the permanent Design collection of the JIDA Museum in Tokyo.
Like a watch, the belt is one of the few pieces of jewelry that men usually wear; it reflects-, or unmasks the taste and personality of its owner.

Gents and Belts

For us men, (sorry, ladies, for you it is primarily a fashion item) a belt has an archaic function. It «holds the man together», giving an assurance of being properly dressed.
The market offers an infinite selection of belts, most albeit are of cheap and short-lived quality.
For someone who values good design and longevity, this is a rather frustrating and led Nobs to study the functions and design of «the ideal belt».


The usual buckles with pins expand the hole in the leather in no time; tightening the belt in the opposite direction is another cause of its premature deterioration.
The ideal buckle design would therefore eliminate these two primary ageing factors. The G&B belt is tightened seamlessly by pulling it in its natural direction through a complex excentre folding lid which upon closing gently clamps the leather from the rear, without leaving any permanent marks.
This requires a high-tech construction with up to ten precision parts, not really surprising when an old watch-guy goes to work.


The G&B belt-buckle is made of forged stainless steel; its timeless, minimalistic design is underscored by the classic proportion of «Golden Section» of the lid. The sophisticated construction requires very precise leather manufacturing and high quality manual workmanship.


Choisest South-African Ostrich leather underscores the sheer luxury of the G&B belt. Produced in Italy by a leading provider of leather goods to world famous brands, it is cut to leave the tip within the range of the buckle free of the characteristic bumps to avoid abrasion.

A bespoke belt

The gift box contains the leather belt and buckle and an elegant set of tools all packed separately; a simple guide describes how the length of the belt can be perfectly adapted in a fun way to the owner’s personal measurements. This final assembly act reinforces the owner’s identification with an object that will be a part of him for many years to come.

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