Unlike any other watch

A contemporary, yet timeless form inspired by precision and purpose. We call it «Bólido», Spanish for meteor. One that nimbly crosses the cosmos of the somewhat immovable fixed stars of established watch-brands.

Configure your Bólido yourself. Introducing:

Our vision

«To create a new breed of watch to match our perception of architectural design and functionality.
Manufactured in Switzerland at an un-Swiss price»

Simon Husslein & Pierre Nobs, founders of Bólido Watch Inc.

The Bólido X LOG

Only few watch brands have defied the challenges of incorporating a slide-rululer disk to their timepieces. To achieve accurate performance, this demands a particularly high level of mechanical precision in the case-making process.

The Bólido X LOG under the loupe

Bólido timepieces are individually handmade by skilled Swiss watchmakers in super-clean, modern facilities located in the peaceful hills of the Swiss Jura.

Available for all Bólido X models

COSC Chronometer Certification

If a mechanical Swiss watch fulfils the best basic technical requirements, there is one ultimate possibility to increase its value: the neutral certification by the independent COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) as an official chronometer.

This incorruptible certification is only awarded to a movement that has successfully undergone a 14-day inspection sequence of precision and reliability at high and low temperatures in five different positions. (All Bólido movements are already tested in an identical manner during production). 

The COSC certification is the highest quality rating attainable for a Swiss timepiece; only 6% of all Swiss watch production bears the legally protected “Certified Swiss Chronometer COSC” dial imprint.

The COSC identification number on the movement is engraved on both the movement chassis and the case back to prove authenticity, and must correspond to the original COSC certificate enclosed with the watch. Only then may the dial bear the COSC designation.


The Bólido X CD

With identical construction as the LOG, the Bólido X CD has a scale to show a previously chosen time, think of parking meter, meetings, diving, etc.
Practical and intuitively fast: Turn the scale so that a duration of your choice coincides with the position of the minute hand; the arrow on the bezel now indicates the end of the countdown. The last 15 minutes (these are particularly important, for example in sailing regattas) are highlighted in color.

The Bólido X GMT

The understated scale of the GMT model is remarkably versatile. It allows globetrotters to set a second time zone, but also serves as a continuous hour counter and golfers can discreetly count their strokes on this elegant timepiece. (Available spring 2021)

About Bólido

In 2016, a new Federal law stipulated that the minimum of 60% of Swiss content had to newly include the case to qualify for the designation «Swiss Made». Manufacturers in the middle and lower price segments got into serious difficulties, as the majority of the Swiss case production had migrated to Asia for cost reasons.
Retired watch-entrepreneur and engineer Pierre Nobs remembered that the most cost-effective manufacturing method has always been automatic precision lathing –a very competitive industry in Switzerland – and began the search of using this advantage to comply with the new laws.
The linear lathing produces very banal ring shapes; discussing this problem with designer Simon Husslein, the idea of adding to the lathing process a conical shape and second axis was born.
The two protagonists used crowdfunding to finance the project and founded the company Bólido Watch Inc. in 2017, which since has been marketing «100% Swiss made, yet affordable watches» based on an archetypical, asymmetrical form awarded in 2018 with the Red Dot Design Award

The classic Bólido

Fits men and women wrist-sizes

Since both the classic Bólido and the slightly larger model Bólido X integrate the two band ends into the bottom of the case, the distance between them is considerably shortened. As a result, the watch sits comfortably on the wrist with the most varied arm sizes.

The heart

An entire book could be written about it! The self-winding engine is hand-assembled by highly skilled
craftsmen and women in one of the most advanced facilities you can find in Switzerland.
There, the Bólido movements are built to our exacting specifications and regulated in 5 positions
(instead of the usual 3); the meticulous finishing is underscored by Geneva stripes and engine-turned
The same separate team responsible for the Chronometers also dedicate themselves to building the
intricate skeleton version deployed in the Bólido CORE..