Bólido, unlike any other watch

A contemporary, yet timeless form inspired by precision and purpose.
We call it «Bólido», Spanish for meteor.
One that nimbly crosses the cosmos of the somewhat immovable fixed stars of established watch-brands.

Our vision

«To create a new breed of watch to match our perception of architectural design and functionality. Manufactured in Switzerland at an un-Swiss price»

Simon Husslein & Pierre Nobs, founders of Bólido Watch Sàrl.

Design is a logical process

Nothing about the archetypical architecture of the Bólido is arbitrary, it is a result of profound technical research. Modern lathes then carve the final form precisely from a solid rod of stainless steel. A second axis in this process generates the characteristic inclination of the housing.
The asymmetrical height thus created at 12 o’clock serves as a logical position for the large, easy-to-use crown in a well-protected location.

The Bólido monocoque construction

The interior of the Bólido case is machined from the top side; the movement, dial and hands are thus equally inserted from the top. This unusual construction reduces the number of parts by a third and improves the reliability of the water-resistance; (a non-existent case back cannot leak!)
Our systematic research into efficient production methods makes it possible to manufacture Bólido in Switzerland economically without compromising high quality.

CHF I € I $ 1’100
CHF I € I $ 998

From CHF I € I $ 998
(Shown with optional
CAMEL strap)

From CHF I € I $ 698
(Shown with optional
SAVANNA-black strap)

From CHF I € I $ 698
(Shown with optional
SAVANNA-yellow strap)

from CHF I € I $ 695
(Shown with optional
SAVANNA-red strap)
CHF I € I $ 850
From CHF I € I $ 695

The heart …

An entire book could be written about it! The self-winding engine is hand-assembled by highly skilled craftsmen and women in one of the most advanced facilities you can find in Switzerland.
There, the Bólido movements are built to our exacting specifications and regulated in 5 positions (instead of the usual 3); the meticulous finishing is underscored by Geneva stripes and engine-turned decoration.
A separate team of senior watchmakers dedicate themselves entirely to building the intricate skeleton version deployed in the Bólido CORE exclusively.

… and the face

The dial and hands underline the functionality of every Bólido; which always comes first. The search for the best possible readability from different angles, distances and under different lighting conditions is therefore of great importance. The clean and sober scales of industrial instruments are exemplary for us.
SuperLuminova® plots on the dial and hands enable reading in the dark.

For men and women

By integrating the two band-ends into the bottom side of the case, the distance to each other is substantially shortened. As a result, the Bólido comfortably fits every wrist size, even very small ones.

Bólido bands

Choosing your watch-bands is as personal as it can get; tied to your wrist, it not only becomes a part of you; just as your Bólido, it also is statement of your personal style.

Caoutchouc (Standard-issue)
The exclusive, custom-moulded design rubber straps are a perfect match to all Bólido models. They excel with ruggedness and longevity. Simply rinse them in soap-water to make them look as good as new for years. 

Leather (Optional)
For its optional leather straps, Bólido exclusively uses exquisite South-African ostrich hides. (See inset)

  • The black SAVANNA straps are made with the ultra soft belly part lined with skin-friendly Alcantara. They are hand-stitched and highlighted with threads matching the dial colour (black, yellow or red).
  • The CAMEL straps are made of the so-called «crown» part of the ostrich skin, the choicest area featuring the characteristic feather-bumps.
Ostrich leather
The elaborately tanned skins are harvested solely from not-endangered South African ostriches farmed for their feathers, skin and meat. The leather is distinctive for its pattern of «bumps» (vacant quill follicles) irregularly splattered across the skin.
The high value is a result of an intricate, specialised and expensive production process; ostrich is one of the strongest leathers. The larger belly part is soft and smooth with a distinct grain. Only about a third of the whole skin called «crown» is covered by the
characteristic quill bumps; the “full quill” is the portion most sought after by the fashion industry.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Steel (Standard on PEARL, optional on all other models)
The latest addition to the Bólido band collection is the MILANO wire-mesh steel bracelet. Unlike most similar bracelets on the market, it is fully adjustable in length and features a safety clasp. Intricately woven with stainless steel wire it comes either in its brushed natural colour, or with the same black PVD coating as used on the Black Edition cases.

The Bólido box made of recycled cardboard

A mechanical timepiece is as good as its after-sales service! Without it, any warrantypromise would be worthless.
Bólido Service Centres with highly skilled watch makers provide maintenance and repairs in all four corners of the world, in Switzerland, Germany (covering the EU), the USA and Japan; further service points are added when necessity arises.
Our two-year warranty is backed-up by an ample inventory of spare parts and covers all manufacturing faults and material defects.