Bólido is the Essence of Function, Form and Proportion

Recipient of the Red Dot Design Award 2018, and the GOOD DESIGN Award of The Atheneum Museum of Modern Art 2020.

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Available for all Bólido timepieces:
COSC Chronometer Certification

When a mechanical Swiss watch fulfils the best technical specifications, one ultimate way to heighten its value is the neutral Chronometer certification by the independent COSC institute (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres).
This incorruptible certification is awarded to watch-movements that successfully undergo a 10-days test of precision and reliability at high and low temperatures and in 5 different positions. Every COSC Chronometer is individually numbered so that it can be traced back. Only 6% of the entire Swiss watch production qualify as COSC Chronometers.


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Only few watch brands have defied the challenges of incorporating a slide-ruler disc to their timepieces, as this demands particularly high level of mechanical precision in the case- and dial making process.


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The functional graphics of the timescale harmonize perfectly with the iconic form of the TIPO. The separate bezel is not an arbitrary decorative element, but part of the technical solution to assemble the multi-piece dial.

The CD

Discover the new dial versions

With identical construction of the LOG, it features a functional scale to monitor the count-down of a previously chosen time; think of parking meter, meetings, diving sessions, etc.


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The open dial presents the gorgeous skeletonized movement and the fascinating beauty of the kinetic mechanics that relentlessly work to give you the precise time.


Discover the new dial versions

The understated scale of the GMT model allows globetrotters to set a second timezone; it also conveniently serves as a continuous hour counter or as a discrete stroke counter for golfers.